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22 August 2006 @ 01:01 am
The world's best actress  
"That was close, Emma my dear. Are you sure you've covered your tracks?"

"Quite certain, Sebastian. Thank you ever so much for your faith in me," I answered coolly as I pulled my satin robe tighter around my frame. After Scott had left, I'd slept rather soundly and had actually enjoyed the few precious moments in bed, but I knew they wouldn't last long. Of course, I wasn't expecting the entire group to come barging into my bedroom demanding a full report, either.

I very politely told them all what a grand lover Scott was and that they could go to hell. Cassandra had told me I was already there.

She wasn't wrong, either. I took a sip of my morning tea and eyed them, plotting and planning the next move as I did the same thing myself. How the hell had I thought I could outmaneuver them all?

"Emma. You're quiet. Care to share your thoughts?"

I turned and looked squarely at the monstrosity that was Cassandra Nova. She was baiting me, I knew. Standing, I walked away from her and looked outside to where some of my Hellions were studying. This wasn't some game that I was playing for the benefit of my sex life. Lives were on the line, and they happened to be people I gave a damn about.

"I'm simply wondering what's to come of the children once this is all said and done." It wasn't a lie. She could scan my mind for the truth if she wished it and she would find that it wasn't a lie at all.

"Why should you care? I saved you from Genosha. I gave you more power. I helped make you 'redeemed' in the eyes of the X-Men, your former enemies. What does it matter what happens to a few small mutants along the way?"

Nonchalance was the key, I knew, but how could I stand there with an ice cold heart and pretend it didn't matter? Sighing, I replied, "Because they might be of use to us."

Apparently, that was the best answer to give, since they didn't pry any further. I was given an assignment regarding the rest of the team and sighed wearily. The game would be over soon, I felt. I couldn't keep this up forever. Not everything was an act with me any longer, and I'd realized it last night after I'd whispered to scott three words I never thought I would say to him.

"I love you."
Current Location: Emma & Scott's bedroom
Current Mood: coldcold