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Deadly Genesis : An X-Men RPG
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The Danger Room became a sentient being known to only Charles Xavier. This lie was not the only one that the X-Men have faced recently...

Cyclops and the others chose not to reveal the Professor's location to the former White Queen. Do they know more than that? What secret does Emma Frost keep from the rest of the X-Men? The team must work together, but will their own secrets and lies pull them apart before they can even solve the next puzzle?

This RPG takes place after the events of "Astonishing X-Men #12". You may contact the moderators at either queenemma@livejournal.com or stoic_slim@livejournal.com if you are interested in joining -- please do not click to join the community until one of the mods has approved you.

Some quick rules & guidelines:

  • For the purposes of our RPG, it is required that you know some basic backstory for your characters as well as some minor current comic canon. (Sorry, no movie-verse storylines or characters here!) If you need to find some info on your character, we suggest going to UncannyXmen.Net. The majority of comic canon we'll be using here will be from "Astonishing X-Men" #1-12, then we will go AU from there. (Note: This means "House of M" has not occured, and most likely will not in our RPG.)
  • Please play the characters as they are written canon. That means as much as you may dislike Rogue & Gambit as a couple, you cannot ignore their history or on-again, off-again relationship. (Don't get us wrong though - ships that are not canon are fine - as long as they are developed slowly and remain true to the character.)
  • You must post at least once a week if you are not involved in direct play with other characters (a solo post for example); twice a week if you are in direct play (tagging back and forth.) Of course, play as much as you want! You'll be given a reminder from one of the mods after the first time this rule is broken. If, after the reminder, you still do not post - you will be replaced. (Of course, if personal issues occur, please inform the mods in the OOC area - oocgenesis. We won't take your character away then!)
  • If you prefer to do AIM scenes instead of tagging, then by all means do so! Please format the scene when you are done and post it to the comm directly. (An AIM scene counts as your one post for the week!) Comments/tags count as posts - repeat, comments/tags do count as posts as long as they are not one sentence long.
  • You must have a LJ name for the character you wish to play -- it does not have to be exclusively for this RP, however. Icons can be comic icons, PB icons, or a mixture of both. If you didn't like the PB used in the films and want to use a different one, feel free to do so!
  • Major game/story ideas must be discussed with the mods - this includes making substantial changes physically or mentally to a character, killing a character, etc. Basically, anything that affects the game and story must be discussed and approved. Any major game/story idea that involves another character should be talked over with the person playing that character as well. Small sub-plots that you would like to do that have no bearing on the overall plot don't need to be approved with anyone except the other player. Feel free to use the OOC area to discuss any and all ideas!
  • The game is rated NC-17, but please be sure to label any threads or AIM scenes as such in case there are people who would rather not read it, at work, etc.
  • At the moment, we are currently looking for the cast of "Astonishing", but we are more than willing to have characters from some of the other major X-Men teams as well - such as Storm, Havok, Iceman, etc. If you have an idea for a canon character and would like to join, please email one of the mods at either queenemma@livejournal.com or stoic_slim@livejournal.com with a writing sample of the character you would like to have! (Sorry, no OCs allowed at the moment.)
  • Posts of any sort can be written in either first person or third person, depending on your style or preference. Godmodding is not allowed, please respect your fellow players, be aware of time constraints & other time zones, etc. If there are ever any problems -- again, we can't stress this enough! -- please talk to your mods or your fellow players!
  • Lastly... have fun! That's what we're all here for!

    The Astonishing Team

    Scott Summers (Cyclops) - stoic_slim *Field Leader
    Emma Frost (White Queen) - queenemma *Telepath
    Logan (Wolverine) - james_aka_logan *Badass
    Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) - prydeofthexmen *Intangible Ninja
    Piotr Rasputin (Colossus) - thelastrasputin *Man of Steel
    Rogue - canttouch *Absorption Powers
    Hank McCoy (Beast) - OPEN

    Other Characters we're open to having

    Ororo Munroe
    Alex Summers
    Bobby Drake
    Lorna Dane
    Remy LeBeau
    Betsy Braddock
    Charles Xavier
    Gabriel (Vulcan) - Probably at a later date